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7 Things You Can Do for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is coming up from February 26th through March 4th! Check out these seven things you can do to make a difference:

1. Make a tax-deductible donation to Project Heal, the Academy for Eating Disorders, Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders, or the National Eating Disorders Association.

2. Share the Nine Truths of Eating Disorders on your social meda platforms.

3. Take and pass on an anonymous Eating Attitudes Test.

4. Let the guys in your life know they are not alone - share Men Get Eating Disorders Too and the Millstone documentary.

5. Give your local pediatrician(s) copies of AED's Medical Care Standards Guide (free to download in 10 languages!).

6. Find an event near you to participate in...or organize an event near you!

7. Get the word out about NEDA's National Helpline (1-800-931-2237) & Crisis Textline (text NEDA to 741741). 


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